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Expedite your time to value with a Gainsight implementation. Data & process flow discovery, data integration services, comprehensive configuration, administrator & team training, & customized guide, all with strategic CS best practices included.


Discovery & alignment on business goals and objectives. Deep dive audit of your Gainsight instance and connected data sources, as well as business processes. Custom recommendations, project plan, & option for hands-on-keyboard fine tuning.

Gainsight Admin as a Service 

Consultative guidance & hands-on-keyboard support to enhance your Gainsight instance with industry best practices. From supporting the status quo during a parental leave, to driving a full transformational project, our certified admins can quickly augment your team.

Customer Success Operations

as a Service

As Customer Success evolves and as the data we gather becomes larger and more complex, the ability to understand and recognise your customers inflection points can be diminished or lost. Too much data, not enough information. Too many tasks, not enough valuable outcomes.

CXSparrow’s team of Customer Success Data Analysts can help you find the trends and insights that are hidden in your data and recommend actionable activities, validated by our years of best practice experiences, but more importantly informed by your data. Unlocking the power of your data to drive real business benefits not just customer success, but for your whole business.

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