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Sales and ServiceCloud

CXSparrow specialize in set up, custom development, data migration, integration, and support of Salesforce. We help clients find efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and get up and running with new initiatives, faster. We’ll work with you to evaluate your existing practices and systems, recommend courses of action, and build your Salesforce solution.



Accelerate your journey to value with a Gainsight implementation. Benefit from thorough data and process flow discovery, expert data integration services, extensive configuration, specialized administrator and team training, and personalized guidance—all infused with strategic Customer Success best practices.

Technology Training

Training & Coaching

Empower your team with the necessary tools and expertise to optimize their utilization of your tailored Gainsight instance. Through the provision of customized guidebook documentation and comprehensive team enablement sessions, we establish a strong foundation for ongoing excellence, scalability, and efficiency.

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