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Why you should not trust your customer health score blindly

Customer health scores are useful, but they are not enough. They can only capture a fraction of the information you need to know about your customers.

You have many internal data points about your customers, such as:

  • How much they use your product or service

  • What risks they face

  • How timely they pay their invoices

  • How satisfied they are with your support

  • How well they adopt your features

  • How often they engage with you

  • How aligned they are with your goals

  • How strong your relationships are

And more . . .

But you also have to consider external data points, such as:

  • How much they are worth

  • How much funding they have

  • How many employees they have

  • What regulations they have to follow

  • How their industry is changing

You can try to include all these data points in your health score, but you will never be able to cover everything. There will always be new metrics that matter.

So, what should you do?

Don’t rely on your health score too much. It is a tool, not a truth.

Instead, add a human touch to your health score. Talk to your customers regularly. Listen to their feedback. Understand their challenges. Help them succeed.

Build relationships, not just scores.

That’s how you go beyond the health score.


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